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Marechal Nekongo

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Marechal Nekongo is an activist and singer/song-writer with revolutionary messages of liberation and hope in a perfect fusion of authentic Congolese Soukous and contemporary African diaspora music.





Mama Joyce

Posted: Mar 1, 2015 by Amani Creatives in Artists'

Born of a Christian Family Jocelyne Ludiazo (Joe) is a singer, song writer performer from DR Congo who grew up in the church surrounded by music.

From a very young age Joe learnt to appreciate music, growing up to the sound of KASAV, ZOUK MACHINE,Ron Kenoly to mention a few. But her passion for music grew more in the church (Salvation Army) where she was a member of the singing company and the very first youngest member of the girls choir (Choeur des Filles) back in Kinshasa She moved to the UK in 2001 and it will not be until the year 2003 that she re-discovered her passion once again by joining the College choir at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth form College in Birmingham where she also studied performance and joining the worship band in the local church she attended were she was introduced to gospel music, Congolese Rumba and many more styles.

Her true Journey into the ARTS and Music started in 2007 after moving to Manchester where she later joined CAN for the first time as an artist for SPEAKEASY then joining the fast growing group MIRO in 2013 where she developed her musical taste performing with musicians from across the globe. She also took part in the great event organised by CAN “Lisapo” where she took on the role of the GRIOT a musical play about the Congolese Independence. She later joined Amani where once more she was able to learn and share her talent with many more artist who share the same passion as her promoting the African Arts.

Mama Joyce is a devoted Mother and Christian who has dedicated her time to sharing her passion to the world. she does no limit herself to singing but through spoken word, dance and her voice she communicates to the world a message of peace, love and harmony. She believes in peace and uses her music art as the fighting voice for her people, her nation AFRICA. During her time in Manchester she as joined and collaborated with many other artists across the UK and the world.

Her music speaks of Hope, Faith, Peace and love. Her story and lyrics depicts the struggle of her people and her dream for a better tomorrow for the Mother land. Through her dances she releases her culture to the world.

BM Djafardo

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Into music since the age of 12, Safari Lokele Martin a.k.a BM Djafardo is an emerging young contemporary African song-writer who was born in the DRCongo but grew up in refugee camps in Easter Africa region due to wars and armed conflicts in his home country.

Being a young man whose generation has been predominantly one characterised by human sufferings and who has come out of it all stronger and free, BM Djafardo’ songs are inspired by the sufferings he personally has seen African people going through.

Lyrically calling Africans to consciously wake up through seeking the truth which liberates and wishing anyone going though times in life victory, BM Djafardo music has been defined as a force in combat.

Jean Paul Samputu

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Samputu, born in Rwanda 1962, is a survivor of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, to which he lost his parents and three siblings.He is a singer, songwriter, and musician, arguably one of the most successful and prominent African artistes, with 16 albums and a career spanning 30 years. He has established himself as one of the most prominent African artists on the world stage. A winner of the prestigious Kora Award (the “African Grammy”) in 2003. Recipient of many honors from the United Nations for his work, Samputu travels the world as a cultural ambassador for Rwanda, bringing to his audiences traditional African music, dance, and drumming, together with a message of peace and reconciliation. More than a talented and inspiring performer who traverses styles such as soukous, rumba, reggae, afrobeat and gospel, Samputu is a model for anyone who wants to make a difference in this world today.

Tagné Tebu

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Tagné Tebu



Born and raised in Cameroon, Tagné Tebu is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist musician, band leader, fantastic music director, composer and has worked with musicians from many different cultures and musical backgrounds: his music blends African melodies and grooves with jazz harmony and is based on African storytelling on the themes of love, war and peace, conveying a bitter-sweet sense of melancholy balanced by irrepressible optimism. He’s got a smooth and soulful sound that reaches depth within the listener. Tebu developed his piano skills by exploring music on his own. He spent several years as a soloist, performer, musical director in Cameroon, Germany, Denmark and France where he was exposed to American Jazz. Tagné’s music is powerful and introspective, blending African, Latin and Caribbean musical influences. He has a spiritual view of composing music, feeling out each composition as though it were coming to him from another space, another dimension and catch notes from the silence and then simply placing them together. Tagné’s solo style reveals a dissonant, Avant garde orientation.

Emmanuela Yogolelo

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Singer song – writer, Emmanuela is a live performer who has been doing music since the age of six. Growing up, in the Eastern DR Congo, she was surrounded by music from morning to late night and from every corner of her streets every single day. This is how she was been influenced by, first, local tribes’ music of Shi and Mbuti pygmies as well as African ‘World’ musicians such as Kadjanine, Lokua Kanza, Papa Wemba and Rebecca Malope and, second, Congolese Rumba and Seben. Her sound is one heavy/present/vibrant African acoustic featuring both traditional African music and African ‘World’ music. Singing workshops facilitator, vocal coach and mentor, Emmanuela does African music,  Gospel, Afro-Jazz, Congolese music and ‘World’ music. Both as solo artist and bands’ lead singer, Emmanuela has performed in different festivals including Shambala, Manchester International Jazz Festival, Manchester International Festival, Eurovision, Weekenders, Journeys Festival, Exodus and Cultural Collage World Music Festival. She also has collaboratively worked with artists including the Birmingham based band Village Well and Voices of The Revolution 2014 artists from around the world. Listen to her inspiring story on BBC World Service:

Pat Mackman

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PAT MACKMAN-A drummer from the DR Congo, based in Manchester since 2005,he started drumming since his early age, the combination between the skill and the responsibility with his sticks, his outgoing personality, his skill, and his dedication to the art of drumming has made Pat one of the best performer. Specialised first in Congolese music, which he succeeded to mix the style to other music background and this gave him opportunities to perform in many music projects and festivals. Been selected in 2007 as the main drummer of “BEATING WING ORCHESTRA” and performed with Reem Kelani at the very first Manchester International Festival and in 2009 with Amadou & Mariam at the second Manchester International Festival. In 2010 Pat took part for The DNA of a City, a BBC Radio Manchester project, which he was involved with Beating Wing Orchestra in a recording with some of BBC philharmonic musicians. Pat also plays music with many church groups, and other  African groups in the UK and Europe. The man is more than a drummer, he has been trained as community artist and radio presenter, workshops leader, one on one drum tutorial, mentor and inspiration to young drummers, M.C of many music events within North West. He always shows his true colours, funny and warm personality.