DSC_0388-1The idea of Amani Live was first conceived and proposed by the Singer song-writer and Community Development Officer Emmanuela Yogolelo.Then it was been developed by Serge T. Tebu and later adopted by Patty Makela, Tshepe Tshepela, Authorite Kitumaini Musemal (Amani collective) who helped to organise the first series of Amani Live.

                    E. Yogolelo  ” The idea of starting up a platform for and network of artists of African genres, who pull personal resources together to support each other to preserve African art and to enhance their work prospects, came from challenges I met with wanting to take my music career to higher levels.
I decided to start something on my own, no matter how little, with or without external assistance which has become harder to find.
Thanks to God, more artists share the vision and keep joining us and, qualified and experienced friends with good connections are giving us good advices.
Our families, friends and fans have also been a great support. “