Amani Live – October

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 by Amani Creatives in Amani Live 2016

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-18-54-37Another Amani Live is cooking, bringing you the best of local talent from the African diaspora. Come along on Sunday 2nd October, bring the kids and enjoy uplifting South African Zulu music  and Afro Jazz vibes! The perfect end to the summer holidays!

In partnership with Brighter Sound and CAN, Amani Creatives present:


Silo is a songwriter, Zulu dancer from Zimbabwe. His music is a fusion of Mbaquanga and Afro jazzy accompanied by a roaring poetry. It includes Zulu warrior dance.

Nikky Norton Shafau

Nikky Norton Shafau is a bit strange, She wants to become a Storybook…
Nikky is a storyteller, poet, street artist and gatherer of stories. She is passionate about learning, African oral storytelling tradition and showcasing often unheard voices currently focusing on woman, children and those of African/Caribbean heritage. Nikky now embarks on a journey of transformation like no other ; weaving her narratives within the digital space and the hidden worlds within your city. Look out for clues…

Sunday 2 Octoberber
Doors open 4pm
Event starts 4.30pm
Finishes 6.15pm

£5 / Under 12s FREE
Facebook: amaniplatnet
Youtube: Amani Creatives

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