The amani Creatives experience

Posted: Jun 2, 2015 by Amani Creatives in Uncategorized

VIDEO0516_0001513569Africa, as many will know is a very popular continent with it’s own challenges, various shades of colourful peoples as well comprising of it’s politics, tribes, culture, languages, customs, it’s religious practices, communities, traditional beliefs and above all, it’s musical heritage.

Having all of these to our guide and experience from various musical experiences, coming together is a fantastic idea but working together in pulling and assembling of thoughts and ideas as people from different backgrounds has its challenges which has its advantages and disadvantages but with one aim as an entity, nothing is impossible when you compromise for the best possible results as to what works best which brings a good feeling when as a group things are archived together with one aim.

Resources has been very basic in terms of rehearsal space as each members took it upon themselves to rotate the provision of their homes with just the very bare minimum of instruments and equipments, so as to not cause any concern or accusation to their neighbours of noise pollution or disturbing the peace for the law to be alerted.

Therefore, consideration for their immediate neighbours enjoyment of their peace and tranquility was and still is of vital importance whilst pressing on with the ongoing project without any financial backing or support or support from any known or unknown sources to fund any of the projects or activities taken upon by any members or the group as everything done at present is either from within or friends and families input in order to get things done and at  the same time, do ones best in keeping the peace within their various neighbourhoods and of their respective homes.

However, members of AMANI CREATIVES are truly grateful to the board of the Herve church in Cheetham Hill, Manchester for their sincere support provided in terms of rehearsal space and equipment provided and do hope to make it up to them aa we progress in our journey.

AMANI CREATIVES is an evolving work in progress platform which will be showcasing works from all artists both presently and the future, as well as workshop facilitators i.e, specialised African & World drumming and residing in the North of England.

For further information please not hesitate to contact us through the following:


Phone number; 07950500267 / 07868591070

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