Tshepe Tshepela

Posted: Feb 1, 2015 by Amani Creatives in Uncategorized

Tshepe tshepela was born in democratic republic of Congo precisely in Kinshasa, started his initiation in music as a choir member for a few years, he was surroundedby Congolese music every were in Kinshasa but was also interested in gospel song as that was part of our repertoire in the choir he was involved in, one of the choir leader who was also a keyboard player got him into learning keyboard at the age of 10 step by step he became more interested into piano than singing and discover that it was right thing for him

He has participated in several piano workshops in INA (national institute of art in Congo) also been coached by Gaby wadigesila one of a great Congolese jazz pianist and bass player, he has studied jazz performance and composition at the prestigious Birmingham conservatoire

He played with several band around Kinshasa but the important ones were OK JAZZ, BANA OK and ZAIKO which are the most famous band in Congo  that have been both around for 40 years

He has performed in various countries, cities and venues in Africa and Europe and among the most important COULEUR CAFÉ a mega festival of music in Belgium, ZENITH in Paris etc.

He is working on releasing his first album which will be a mixture of jazz and African melodies and rhythm.

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