Emmanuela Yogolelo

Posted: Feb 1, 2015 by Amani Creatives in Artists'


Singer song – writer, Emmanuela is a live performer who has been doing music since the age of six. Growing up, in the Eastern DR Congo, she was surrounded by music from morning to late night and from every corner of her streets every single day. This is how she was been influenced by, first, local tribes’ music of Shi and Mbuti pygmies as well as African ‘World’ musicians such as Kadjanine, Lokua Kanza, Papa Wemba and Rebecca Malope and, second, Congolese Rumba and Seben. Her sound is one heavy/present/vibrant African acoustic featuring both traditional African music and African ‘World’ music. Singing workshops facilitator, vocal coach and mentor, Emmanuela does African music,  Gospel, Afro-Jazz, Congolese music and ‘World’ music. Both as solo artist and bands’ lead singer, Emmanuela has performed in different festivals including Shambala, Manchester International Jazz Festival, Manchester International Festival, Eurovision, Weekenders, Journeys Festival, Exodus and Cultural Collage World Music Festival. She also has collaboratively worked with artists including the Birmingham based band Village Well and Voices of The Revolution 2014 artists from around the world. Listen to her inspiring story on BBC World Service:


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